Sprocket Sparkspinner

Gunslinger Master Tinker Gnome


Race: Tinker Gnome
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Height: 3 foot 6 inches
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Sprockets home town is still unknown. He spent his youth running from town to town getting kicked out as he caused chaos or running from the law after taking something that he needed more then someone else

Sprocket is happy when he has parts or guns in his hands. When he gets board he will tend to make rash decisions that may get him or the group in trouble. Promise him access to new technology and powerful guns and he will do almost anything for the new toy.

Sprocket is a very self centered person and thinks of friends and more of a business partnership. As long as they are useful he will keep them around. but after a while he starts to depend on them more and more and then cant be without them and will want them around for any little thing. If faced with a scenario that does not benefit him, he will not put his life on the line, unless it will hurt his partnership with his friends.

Sprockets best Friend is Molly Palms, he originally meet her in Feld and learned she had quick hands and could assist him in getting new toys with less chance of getting caught. Over the years he has come to trust her being around to pull him out of bad situations and be his moral compass, even in great protest.

Sprocket is also very cocky in his abilities. He has zero issues firing into combat to hit an enemy even if his friend is in the way. He does not wish harm to his friend but the bad guy must die and per Sprocket “I will not hit you, even if i do i will mostly hurt you less then the other guy”

Sprocket Sparkspinner

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