Chronicles of Sachrum

The Earth Shakes

Wherein an end to an era might be on the horizon

The last month has been quiet for Sturm’s inhabitants as they mourn the death of 3 of their leaders. New travelers arrive to start their lives anew and those who have been there from the beginning are enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Not all is well, though, there is a feeling in the crisp mountain air that something big is coming. Rumors that the great beast known as Rovagug has been sighted heading South through the Al’Khamut desert have been spreading through the lands and all eyes are on the new kingdom that is closest to it’s path.

As Molly Palms returns home triumphant with the materials required to hopefully resurrect her fallen comrades, the people of Sturm get ready to defend their homes from the oncoming terror.


Mastersmith_1072 Mastersmith_1072

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