This site is here to inform those who wish to know all about the campaign world that I run in my various D&D and Pathfinder games. What started as a small group of kingdoms has grown into many sprawling lands who grow more detailed by the day.

I thank all of those who play with me and brainstorm ideas to make it a more dynamic place to be and hope to eventually display a world with distinct cultures, beasts, magics and technology for all to enjoy. In the pages of this wiki you will find characters created by me and my friends as well as stories and journals written by them. For those of you who find yourself here because you are in one of my games please feel free to add content and expand upon the world we are building together.

If you are not in one of the games featured in this world but wish to contribute anyway, send me a message with proposals or ideas. Anyone with ideas on governments, building styles and cultures please voice your ideas as the more diverse and interesting the world becomes the more fun it is to play in.