Chronicles of Sachrum

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Where we last left our intrepid adventurers....


Embassy Talks
What the hell do YOU want

our adventurers me with representatives from the Gelvoni, Kol Fraisian, Mazarahn and Rontilian governments we have offered them embassy space equal for each we plan to meet with the Zegrastan and balforian representatives then next day

The Dark Below
What sleeping evil gives us a break from tedium

It was night nigh past midnight when we met with the rontilian representatives he had what could have been our most successful meeting and were looking forward to getting some shut eye

our great ent friend toddles was anxiously looking northward, once we reached the windows of the tower we shaw a spire of light gathering upon the lakes lonely island.

We used our swam boat token to sail our way to the island the light still pulsing.

“they are disturbing the trees!” wailed a distraught Flora as she tried to coax the magical ship faster

once we reached the shore of the island (ben through a plot card in and mark was derailed for five minutes) (kat cardstormed) we could tell that the light was not the a spell cast to produce light but simply an effect of such massive power

Flora panics as the trees convey the pain and fear they feel and the group charges into the light “something is waking up” yowels flora in paniced dissary

we reach a stone tower looking contemporary to our castle but the foundation seems a different stone and product of a different era a creamy white stone a wide base of more solid stone, the light issueing from the top of the tower with violent effect

two charred cadavers of midran body guards and a beaten form further away, the midran scribe huddled towards the edge of the clearing wounded and afraid

“we came for an old relic cash we had left, we had forgotten the phase that would satiat the guardian” she mumbled “our lord was in there, there was a form, thing, i saw it only briefly” she ends with a shutter

“oh god these are build on an Ooloi building” Hathos gasped “they were a progentior race a four armed speicies of emence power said to have gifted many races with eldritch power and tools of culture” disbeleif of what he was seeing edged with dread

the light dimed to an ambient glow reveiling a tall staue standing in the single room. An ancient rusted iron golem damaged but on guard. Standing sentinel despite the years a hole visible near the hulking servitor

Hans charged the hulikg rust but the sword was rebuffed but the armored nature of the golem
Sproket fired a volley of shots furrowing the metal skin
Xabiens arrows glance of the iron shell with no effect
Hastus unleashes his furious with but was unable to find purchase
Molly attempted to foul the golems gears but failed
the Iron servitor reared back its massive fist and brings down a powerful blow on Hans
Toddles strode forward to assist in the melee
and flora brought her healing to strengthen the wounded hans
Hot peppered fire shoots forth from sprokets pistol
and Xabien bow misfired and knocks him back
Hastus marshals his meagerhealing and brings hans to full strength
The iron Hulk swings at toddles but is rebuffed with twin strikes from the wrath of nature
Hans takes advantage of the impack to rend a keen slice in the golem as molly comprimises its stance by flanking and smashes the aged guardian in an exposed
in desperate attempt to retain its duty and lashes a last time at Hans before Toddles ENDs it with a furious blow that takes the head clean off the Golem its duty finally at an end
The of the undead lord of midras echos from the hole below Hastus throws the light of day down the hole piercing the darkness spell below

the room made of ooloi stone set into one wall a wide stone pillar roughly 12 feet tall with an opeing akin to a door the walls covered with ooloi glyphs towards the center a creature of dark spindly limbs hold the wraithlord of midras gripped in its four arms and looks as though it is pulling words froms from the undead form

it turns its hideous head towards us rearing a feral snarl which goes to far back and a mawl of far too many teeth flinching from the light furious at the interruption

Sprocket fires a volley at the aboniation
Whipping a point in the room Hastus swings down to the lower room giving his companions a route down
Flora begins calling the forces of nature to her aid and the screeching of simians can be heard in the distance, toddles jumps down to liberate the dignitary from but if stopped by the creature
Xabien Fires a brilliant shot slicing what we could only hope is the hamstring of the foul being
“cant tell which end is which but we could hear a snap” Molly Quips and hurls her trusty brick but failed to strike it
Hans swings down and with a roar wreaths his blade in flames
the monster charges after hans but is struck mightily by toddles and winds the black skinns monstrosity with a shouted blighted word it rends the dead king in its hands and casts a unhallowed word of pain and spite wracking the group with pain and sickness
Sproket whom seemed less effected fired a brace of shots into the much closer creature
Hathos fights the pain of and heals the burns that the fowl words wrought and the howls of creatures and from out of the woods and pouring down the the hole a swarm of mad monkey pile onto the hideous monster
toddles walked forward a slams the creature again and hans drives a burning sword into it
It screams the word “THERIZDUN” and bites hans and lashes at the group with all its arms rending Flora in a terrible manner
the consistant twin barks of Sprokets gun continuing their grim purpose
With a bravos shout Hastus charges forward shruggin a blow from the creature and plunges his sword hilt deep in the beast and it crumples as if drieing and withering before gurgling unknowable words and imploads leaving but an echo of of its malign energy
after putting themselves together they survey the damage and treasures left in the midran cache

A New Threat Emerges
Evil Stirs in the Depths

Contact was lost with a small town in Northern Balforia.

A group of adventurers were tasked to investigate. When they returned they spoke of humanoids with fish-like heads that worship a strange god. They spoke of how the townsfolk were penned like cattle in a cave next to a great seal in the ground covered in Ooloi runes.

And they spoke of the great evil the emerged from the crack in that seal. How it rose from the black depths and laid waste to their party with barely a gesture, how it’s milky eyes looked upon them like they were less than vermin.

It spoke to them without a sound. It commanded them to teach it of their world.

One of these adventurers stood in the face of this evil, a last defiant gesture, before he was slain. The survivors speak of how Felix Castlemore, a mere street performer, drew his daggers and stabbed the beast before his mind was flayed.

A great evil stirs, and now it knows of the kingdoms above. It has learned of the technologies that have been developed in the thousands of years since the Underdark was sealed below.

May the future tremble and the races of the world prepare. Srok’Thirik walks the lands above and his thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.


What a twist
in which sproket acts like josh, wade gets fey drunk and we get our first subjects

The group having defeated the corrupt ooloi gather the fallen midrans and the frightened scribe Clara Anthony and brought them back to their embassy as we got back to our castle the Kol fraisian delegates were beside themselves with rage and self import.
“all matters that involve the ooloi are the Kolfraisian business!!!” when the group was not cowed by their bullying tactics the, they were given an ultimatum of back down or GTFO the lightseeker of the pair decided to burn their embassy papers and GTFO
Next we had our meeting with the Zegrastan who want to be chill and friends and the like
they assure us that they have our backs if we go to blows with the kol fraisians
We met the Balforians who immediately want to build a church we said they could build a church when the people want one and no they could not make their embassy a grand cathedral and tear down the woods to build their city, they were offput but not hostile
We received Ms. Clara Anthony again having been given the boot by the Midran establishment and so we gave her employment as our coucil sectretary
It was then that we received the petition from Valmordsen, the former high technopath offered at first to buy our island the ooloi when we were first hesitant to sell land to a renowned mad genius but he threw the group a curve ball by requesting asylum we negotiated terms and he gave us a price of sixty two build points worth of astral diamonds and platiinum and an agreement to benefit us with his research and technologies, this all went slightly sideways when it turned out that sprocket picked up a bullet that had passed threw the gods damned corrupt ooloi it had tainted and burrowed into his body setting the seed of a corrupt possesion
The beast attempted to seize control of of our diminutive companion in a panic Molly attempted to knock Sproket out, which was exactly the worse thing she could have done and had it not been for the quick work of Valmordsen we would have had a full blown repeat of the fight, at the expense of sproket!
With the Gnome secured and contained until the specific episode passed we then immidiatly were payed a visit from the Gelvon councilors, we braced for what we assumed would be another shit storm of anger after taking in their former high technopath and wanted criminal, but they actually surprised us as well (not too wonderful being surprised so much) The tecnocracy of gelvon and specifically their Current High Technomancer Zora’Karokus wanted to arrange to share information and the innovative products of our newest citizen we agreed to be forthcoming with some info and share what we could. Karokus final message is that we have no idea how powerful and intelligent a being we have admitted to our kingdom
Then next day or so we received another visit a Koldbold drake ride was sent as messenger from the silver lady, the message had the gist of, we are acknowledging your existence but are currently occupied by a giant fucking monstrosity stomping about their lands they will get to us when they have time (the silver lady has been dubbed Lady Dragon McGive-a-Fuck)
Similarly timed Wade and Mastersmith find their way to our little kingdom we get wade into the council and Mastersmith does what mastersmith does

And in the month that followed we finally received the summons to meet with the “king of the forest” so we embarked into the woods to find a courtly seting amounst their sacred groves and there we me the king of the forest this leafy green man whom in no way was the Satyr Trebleclef working a marionette cleverly constructed of twigs and foliage.
Through much bullshittery shenanigans and dwarven spirits we came to a peaceful accord with the fey drank to much and were sent on our way. Sproket had been dubbed Duke Westree. Flora though while communing with the trees was reminded of the heavy task before us we needed to get everything settled in Sturm and continue on our way to the next root knot.

Velkommen Til Jotonheimn
where in we meet the most METAL MutterFikker in the North
The brave group of adventures finished the administrative requirements to keep Sturm growing and then functioning. Expecting the worst of weather from Jotunheimn (the agreed upon next destination) they took a quick portal hop to Tel’Vin’daron to pick up cold weather gear and camping equipment. With that finished they made their way back to the castle getting the finishing touches

inside one of the slightly used bags we found a small stone round and covered in runes that are a Voßergrim runes it has a subtle almost fluctuating unrefined primal sort of a way Hans said fuck it for now.

Recently Hans has been plagued by a terrible nightmares of a terrible dark force from underneath the ground a malignant pressure hungering and glaring, a void he could not help but stare into and it stared back

We made our way back to great father tree where toddles and Flora sing the gate open giving way to the ways. And we venture forth into the root ways. With no light source the ways are lit for at least a hundred feet with flora as our guide we travel the intersections of the roots making an organic pathway to our intended destination. After about 4 days of travel we find a tunnel that leads us to a door.

As the tree singers open the gate we are immediately assaulted but a sledgehammer of furious cold and we look onto a solid wall of snow, Flora surprises us all by breathing a huge cone of flames of flames we tunnel ourselves out and set up camp in the tunnel for the night.

As dawn breaks we see a beautiful snow covered fjords Ravens flying overhead sprocket parlays with the ravens to find where the people are, in morbid riddles they told us of the people up the mountain and people down the mountain, when offered a gold coin each the ravens offered that the ones down the slope are less….. hungry, whelp downhill we go!

Traveling downhill to the north east we made our way to a clearing where in recent weeks violence has cleared the woods away, and by putting our heads together we think one man might have fought some terrible large beast. It showed an epic battle where lots of the monsters blood was shed but next to know from the brave warrior.
Hastus realized that this must be some kind of Lynorm retelling the knowledge of the primordial nightmare beast “Well Fikt meine Arse” Hans blurted much to the surprise of a scandalized of Flora

Due to Xabiens tracking Expertise we found the linorms near trackless path away and the human staggering a different direction in addition to what we thought was a lake bed is actually a spewed and cooled pile of magma

we follow the trail for a day or so showing signs of stumbling and (the game was then derailed because mark said “look up Krogan Porn” and amber doesn’t know facetious comments from a hole in the ground) “truth “ quoth the disembodied voice of the GM. Another two days of following trails the stagger slowly growing more disheveled by the second day the animals start making sound

Finally we reach a glacial river runoff the trail starts to follow the river and we rapidly see signs of civilization and finally see a palisade township nuzzled against the river

As we approach horns sound from the town and a warning arrow landed right before us, we halted and waited for village to react to our presence

Six cavalrymen ride out towards the group clad in mail appearing to be tall long dwarves in look with magic intervention we communicate that we followed their warriors trail and that we made sure that the trail we followed cannot be followed we seek knowledge. The North men fear Skeldi Brokenhome The Lynorm King forbade them magic and they fear we will bring them trouble. Never the less we were led to their lore keeper and what appears to be their Thane or Yarl

We were welcomed to Javatote by Bjornagar Rasbuson and Yarl Belfar Gorson

the Warriors Name is Tarfin Arnson he is bed ridden with the a deathly poison we offer to assist to try to help Tarfin

Bjornargar told us of how Skeldi made some fell pact to gain the fire-crown to give him power over the Lynorm, how he takes all with the gift of magic and hunts them with his beasts

Reaching Tarfin Arnson the man is a huge monster of a man wasting from what appears to be almost a magic poison the cracks glowing with hate and the smell of burning flesh

When we try to diagnose him we find that its a terrible Lynorm Venom and though the Focused magic of Toddles and Hans Channeled through Flora we manage to Pull the poison out of the Enormous warrior

We shared an Ale with Bjornagar and Tarfin and we told them of our plan to go North east Tarfin warned us that our magic will surely bring the minions of Skeldi upon us with his dragon-kin thralls and Voßergrim allies, “Then it’s best we leave the village “ molly pipes up “so that when they come for us no one here will be harmed” the selflessness of miss palms comment touch the titanic warrior
“If you travel to the mountain then I will travel with you”

The Lords of Joutenheim
pick your favorite amon amarth song and go with it

Where we last left our entrepid adventurers, our heroes had saved Tarfin Arnson from the Lynorm venom and gained a buddy whom wants to murder murder murder Skeldi Brokenhome and free the people of this tyranny , which happens to walk hand in hand with getting to the woodknot

The people of Yavatoes welcome us to resupply and prepare for the journey to “the high seat” sproket is rapidly becoming popular as the ladies dressing him, while Molly Palms stews in jealously at the female attention

Hans Talked to Bjronagar about the runestone and it apparently is so damn old he cant read it, Claims that these old rune stones are based of the primordial runes and the earliest of gods used to to shape existense the conversation flowed towards Tarfin and Bjornagar told Hans of how that Tarfin fell seemingly from the sky with no memory from before and has lived there

it was on into the night that we realize that Xabien and molly disapeared right as the blizzard strikes Arnson and the rest of the crew go search for our finally find Molly on the verge becoming a Palmsicle but we concluded that Xabien we would not have to fear in the storm

Bjornagar has shared great deals of stories of the Waßer and Waßergrimn and how when the people split the Lynorm king Jörmungund, we found out Flora is immune to the effects of alchohal
and after stories and drinking we came to the next morning we prepared to leave Xabien Snow-hare returns to us intime to leave

we treck through this permafrost wonderland

Xabien Expertly finds us a good campground. and at second watch the pair of ravens return Molly wakes sprocket and they converse “we’ve brought news news of new things” “two shiney things we have seen them two above and then to the nest, the other things are the things have come what things? The things of darkness and shadow given form they come to eat your dreams” with that molly and sproket rush to wake folk

we awake to the panic of our friends the interruption of large wing sounds

A trio of ghastly black creatures guant and twisted limbs faceless and horrid is visage the flew down and seized three of the group Sprocket was locked in a terrible struggle several of the group attempting to help him, xabien is seized and broiught to the air and Hans is tackled and struggles with the monster

The creaures take this to a bad touch level by their tail reaching out and seemingly tickleing the grappled adventurers, Xabien looseing compusure is whisked away to the night. Sprocket fights off the creepy goosing and continues to fight off the creature. Hans Wanting none of this tom fooler pulls himself and the dark being into the campfire.

It thrashed in Hans hands and lifted them both into the air a singed hans still in his paws Wtih a roar of rage and anger shouting in a language that hurt the parties ears Hans grabs the monster by its wings and drives it down the forty feet straight back down into the fire! The party dispatches the two and as Tarfin explains they are night guants and they feed on dreams and emotions

The group chases into the direction Xabien was carried off

To find Xabien had finally freed himself from the gaunt to be on a cliff above a terrible and monsterous creature a being of many eyes massive claws we battle as much as we can even Arnson cannot truly trump it until from the gaunt nest xabien throws a pair of heavy metal guantlets marked with dwarven runes of power as they are past to Arnson He punches the monster with them driving it back into its undercroft squeeling

the group runs away and gets some rest back at camp The raven’s return and Flora talks to them in exchange for an offering of gold coins they tell us of an object of power that is hidden in a stone in the Vaßergrimn village, the stone can only be broken by the Lynorm king, but its contents will spell the kings doom then they fly away

groundthe next day we make our way past a big ass crater and then follow tracks to what we believe is a Waßergrimn villiage

/we spy what appears to be the Waßergrimn chief a big burly asshole wearing a large belt that Arnson tinks looks familiar he sits in a rough stone chair in the middle of the village

And the so the group after arguing for 45 minutes about how to infiltrate the village and finally just walk on down with the runestone
they send a greeting party of 5 berserkers
a rocket from sprocket sent four into the pocket the other came to the end of a fist from Arnson

We challenged the Cheif Snorri to a duel of toughness a poison endurance to the death we had tried to have flora do it so to assure our victory but their Rune priestess called our Bullshit so Hans volunteered to duel the chief we used giant wasp venom and wyvern poison and while the duelists slowly killed themselves inches at a time they finally came to a standstill. Hans bleed a reflective black ichor Snorri weezing what was almost a death rattle, the rune crone brought fourth a deadly black poison for the tie breaker and hans and Snorri grasped hands over the poison knowing it would lead to their deaths, the poison coursed through their veins bringing first numb paralysis and then burning terrible pain and finally Snorri of the Vaßergrimn collapsed dead Hans still gripping his opponents frozen in paralyzed pain

And as the Group and the tribe watched on in silence the tension was shattered by a deafening roar The black and scarred length of the terrible leviathan Jörmangunder King of Lynorms the tribe fled before it’s awful visage on a throne nestled between the back spines sat whom we could only guess was Skeldi Brockenhome Wearing a Horrible crown all horrorific spires and a mask of jagged toothy jaws

In a raspy voice that rang true to all our minds “ Who enters my Kingdom” “I am Tarfin Arnson and these are my compatriots” stated Tarfin as he strapped snorri’s belt on him fitting it as if he had done it a million times before
“My Lord!” Jumped in molly, sweat of nerves obvious on her brow “we came to gift you with knowledge, in the throne there we hear there is a great treasure stored, one that only the power you command may open!”
Though we could not see his face we could feel the vile malice of the Kinslayer from atop his mount, and with a sharp his of an inhuman tongue Skeldi commanded Jörmandgunder to shatter the stone

Tarfin looked to the paralyzed balforian and then to the rest of the rag tag adventurers with him “Take him and run…. NOW” taking the hero at his word they started to flee the scene.

“And now, Arnson, you shall watch your friends die before I destroy you myself!” the rasp of the tyrant still echoing inside the skulls of all near.

But before Skeldi could order his fell beast to strike the claw that had crushed the stone throne buckled and the was pushed away by a blinding white force and as the King of Lynorms raised his hand a glowing hammer shot from the brocken stone and into Tarfin Arnson’s fist

The Adventurers paused in their expeditious retreat and were once again blinded by thick beams of lightning raining down on their steadfast new friend, not even the thickest of smoked lenses could keep contact to the brilliant light and as it finally faded they say the man they had fought alongside was changed His armor more replendant and brighter than before his black hair a ruddy gold bound back in braids a full beard

“I remember” The titan mumbled “and now,” his voice growing in confidence, “it is time for YOU to rember!” and with a roar he hurled his hammer at the Tyrant Brockenhome, not just throwing him from the back of the dread serpent but throwing him many yards back and through a building.

Jörmungunder Roared and thrashed as the compulsion over him subsided and he began to thrash and tear through the village and as Skeldi emerged from the building ruin he to had changed a slender dark hair figure eyes dark and full of venom and so the god brothers Thor and Loki Enmtered into battle as the group of adventurers fled.

The exhausted party had not gone far before they met another figure and one they quickly recognised. Tom Rosethorn the old man from Zegrasta but he too had changed an eyepatch and broad brimmed had now adorned his patrician features and to Ravens sat by his side

Tom was glad to see us for we brought him something the old Runestone a treasure of his and for bringing him the stone and reawakening his Sons he gave Each a boon he brought the group to the rootball and sent them on their way back to Sturm with gifts

Flora inside the rootball had aged and matured the group unsure what this may hold for the future, but now they have returned home for a much needed rest

Shit was done
in which we actually manage do stuff in Sturm

As the group returned to Sturm roughly two weeks later and began setting to work with the nuts and bolts of building sturm, claiming the hex with the mine and establishing the road and the Sturmgelt mine, and after building the first settlement of the city we then set to discuss the location in which we would visit next stuck between Kolfrasia the Stormlands and The Giant Kingdoms,
after advising from our senior advisers Mastersmith and Skelder we decided to adventure fourth from Korvone to the stormlands we go to the Elvin city of Fal’Lature to get a ship to take us to the stormlands this time bringing a Kir’vanathi Teloportation egg with us to try to establish a foothold in this unknown country

The travel thgrough the ways to Korvone seems altered or younger than they should be weird the roots look cracked as if it had sufferred a long summer, it makes it slightly difficult to traverse, the roots are confused as if woken from a long deep slumber

As we stop at a fork of roots sprocket walks off on a lark, and we loose him as, as he continues on he sees disturbances in the mist and now then as he sent out his lights something slowly stole the lights
just as his last light winked out the group caught up with him and finally together we finally reach portal to Fal’Lature

High Seas Shennanigans
Where in we find the sea and Molly makes a "special" friend

Where we last left our entrepid murder hobos we had exited the ways into the forests of Kor’van the leaves clashing gold and scarlet of autumn aomngst the ancient old growth trees, saddly the seems no signs of civilization, so we still had travel before we could reach the city of Fal’la’ture
Xabien scouted out to try to find bearngs and found some light shallow tracks leading to the west
as we trtaveled the tracks Xabien found a better trail large wolves trail as in what the elves of Kor’van road the travel seems to be calm and beautiful (though it seems to have an adverse effect on our Feldian compatriots) Molly palms and sproket took some water from the fresh spring after rambling about pure water sales, as we continue on the path we start to follow the sounds of a sorrowful song , the closer we draw to the song we begin to note that there are rangers running deftly along the trees
we finally reach a gate and out silent entourage finally showed the pressence after some failed attempts at communcation additional people from beyond the gate approach an Eladrin flanked by elves of similar garb and armed the Eladrin using magic talked to the group and after introductions warned that taking the Arborling to the stormland would be indeed more dangerous the storm has expanded we can travel on and find the shipwrights and foolhardy children, we continue to following song north winding the next day we follow the obvious trail down the slope and finally to the coastal town
we made our way into the town the harbor has a trio of two mast ships two obviously new but haven’t moved hardly at all the other looking as if it had seem some shit
as we neer the harbor side tavern he overhear an argument and suddenly a mug crashes to the ground outside the tavern as we approach and are greated by a dwarf
The dwarf grumps at us in an incomprehensible language scoffing at molly
surprisingly enough Hastus began converse, feeling rebuffed molly decided to make an impression seized a chair and bashed the dwarves gourd, after shaking off the massive blow the dwarf seized molly and gave her a big deep kiss, molly sealing the deal by stealing the dwarfs belt clear off his pants, This of course led to formal introduction to Daggit Riverock 1st mate of the Fortune’s Flight, and we entered into negotiations with the Captain Kellendrez Lastleaf and after negotiating a hefty fee of roughly 1000 gold 40% up front and the rest at delivery.
We finally board the Fortune’s Flight and its not a pretty sight to see its been dubbed the Seen some shit! Ship and began to make our way towards the week long voyage to the Storm Lands.
Within two days of sailing the waves set in some were better than others
Kellendrez brought us into the cabin wanting to make a deal trading to mitigate our fair in exchange to retrieving the Dull Drums a magical item said to be able to control the very weather itself
we agree to help him
A night of sailing brought us to the area where we believed the drum is and once we hit the calm he hit the jolly boat and start rowing towards the slow beat of the drum
we run into a veritable flotilla of shipwrecks a menagerie of derelect vessels and many appearing to have been dreadged up from the bottom of the sea itself! As we continue a slow progress to the center of the flotilla we find a barge set with animal headed statues and in the center of the barge a large drum with a hammer magically floating over the top slowly drumming it, Hastus and flora approach the barge and the The four stone guardians attack
a Furious battle ensues but molly despite the heavy blows landed on her she managed to purloin the
as it appears the statues were pressing the advantage and the calm of the weather breaking because the drum had been disturbed the group pealed off from the combat and as the Golemns took command of the vessel Sprocket took one last vindictive shot lighting the wooden barge on fire
We raced back to the row boat just as the storm broke out over the sea again


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