Molly Palms

Red headed Feldian seamstress looking for a higher purpose and a higher paycheck


Molly Palms
Align: CG. Lvls: 4 rogue.
Homeland: Feld. Diety: Gold.
Race: Human (female, curly red hair, hazel eyes, 23 yrs, 5’5" l50lbs)

str 13 (1)
dex 20 (
con 12 (1)
int 16 (
wis 15 (2)
cha 14 (

HP: 32
Speed:30ft base (medium size)
AC 18=10
Touch:15 Flatfooted:13

Fort: 3=1base+1con+1misc
reflex: 10=4base+5dex+1misc
will: 4=1base+2wis

base attack:3
cmb: 5=3base+1str+1feat
cmd: 19=3base+1str+5dex+10

Feldian Halfbrick
+1 attack, damage 1d6, bludgeoning, brick of returning, 60ft

MW Short Sword
1 attack, 1d61, slashing, 5ft

MW Dagger (x3)
1 attack, 1d41, piercing, 10ft range

MW Short Bow
1 attack, 1d61, piercing, 30 arrows, 60ft

Bone Razor
coup de grace, slashing, touch range. skellie minions, duhn duhn duhhnnn!!

also in her possesion: MW Dagger on a scarf, sap, MW long sword, MW long spear.

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Thieves’ Cant.

Notable skills: acrobatics 12, appraise 10, disable device:14, escape artist: 12, sleight of hand: 17, stealth: 12 Skill focus slight of hands + deft hands

AC items:
cloak of resistance +1 to all saves
MW studded leather
Bracers of Armor +1
Corset of the Vishkania: squeeze into/through tight spaces

Deft hands
Skill focus- sleight of hand.
Throw anything
Combat Expertise (soon to be followed by Improved Dirty Trick)

Class feats:
Sneak Attack
Trap Finding
Trap Sense
Uncanny Dodge

stack of coupons and fliers
caltrops (2)
fishhooks (3)
grappling hook
hooded ever-burning torch
pitons (3)
pouch (3)
smoked goggles
potion of mage armor
trail rations (depleated)
silken rope 100’
sewing needle
signal whistle
spy glass
MW Climber’s kit
MW Disguise kit
MW Thieves tools
map of undercity
oil of taggit (2)
potion of cure moderate wounds
amulet of passage (2)


Molly hails from a not so illustrious, but still well loved, line of women of ill repute. Her mother, Rosie, runs the seamstresses guild in Feld. Sadly, Molly didn’t take to the family trade, and instead served the seamstresses guild as the only thread-and-needle REAL seamstress. Her mother was very supportive, albeit a little disappointed.

Rosie funded Molly’s education in a couple, well quite a few (more like thirty or forty), of the other local guilds. Feld is home to over 300 of them, so surely she could find somewhere to belong. Molly tried the assassin’s guild first (very respectable, that!) but was too enthusiastic for them and was expelled after several months. She tried the Fool’s Guild (not enthusiastic enough), the Beggar’s guild (she was too clean), the Baker’s guild (and now too dirty), the guild of the watchmen (too unruly), the Alchemist’s guild (not flammable enough), and so on. During this time, she met Sprocket Sparkspinner, and they became mutual enablers and bosom friends.

Many guilds later, she decided to try the Thieve’s guild. She excelled and became quite successful in her classes. In her final test before becoming a full member, her instructor challenged her to steal something from someone who had hands as deft as her own. When she proudly presented the guild-master’s purse to her instructor, she was ejected from a Feldian guild for the last time.

With a number of goons in pursuit, she ran through the city in search of Sprocket, and a safe hiding place to wait for the smoke to blow over. In that moment, she decided to try to take her fate into her own deft hands and go abroad. She didn’t have to wait long for her chance to slip through a mysterious transport gate with stolen travel papers clutched in her hands, and into a whole new realm.

Molly Palms

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