Hastus Killian Jr.

Asaimar Archologist


An 88 year old Male Asamar, standing 6"1’ tall, weighing 160 lbs, with well kept short Sliver (like the metal) hair and eyes the color of steel

STR 14 2
DEX 15 +2
CON 13 +1
INT 16 (18) +3 (
WIS 14 +2
CHA 20 +5

Vitality 36 / 36
Wounds 26 / 26

Initiative +2 DEX

Speed 30"

Base Attack +3

Fort 2 = 1 base + 1 ability
Ref 6 = 4 base + 2 ability
Will 6 = 4 base + 2 ability

CMB 5 = +3 BAB + 2 STR
CMD 17 = +3 BAB +2STR +2 DEX + 10

AC 19 = +10 base, +5 armor, +1 shield, +2 DEX + 1 deflection

he is currently armed with a

masterwork Scorpion Whip (+7, x2, 1d4, reach, trip, disarm, performance, special)

and a masterwork Longsword (+6, 19-20 x2, 1d8)

his defensive gear consists of

Mistmail (+5 ac, light, -2 check, 20% spell fail, weight 25 lbs, once per day transform into a thick fog granting 20% concealment)

a Buckler (+1 AC, shield, -1 check, spell fail 5%, weight 5 lbs)

and a ring of protection +1

other magical items he is wearing

Headband of Intellect +2


Hastus is an Aasimar currently employed as the professor of archeology in the royal university of Zegrasta a position he took over from his father (Hastus Killian Sr. [who is driven to find the Book if the Dead that was written by god Thoth and lost in the aftermath of Nightfall] ) upon his retirement 10 years ago after holding the post from it’s inception 100 years ago. His family are the descendants of Heh-Aal Ka-Thoth the high priest of Thoth, all members of he family look identical and have shared the same name from generation to generation (which gave rise to legends at the time that the high priest was immortal and could be all places at once) a practice that continued after Nightfall, who before the fall of the Kir’Vanathi had journeyed to their capitol in an attempt to stop the destruction of the Al’kamut diplomatically but it was too late, after Nightfall the high priest settled in what is now the town of Gulad in southern Zegrasta, gathering, preserving and spreading knowledge as best he could as well as trying to recover what was lost as have all is descendants

Hastus Killian Jr.

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