Hans Kriegfaust

Balforian Veteran turned Oracle Warrior, protector of Flora


Hans_Kriefaust.jpgHeight: 6’5"
Weight: 235 lbs
Hair: Blond, close cropped, slightly scruffy
Skin: Pale with light freckling across the cheeks


Hans Kriegfaust started life in a fairly inauspicious way, the second son of a village mayor from a mountain village in Balforia, as Hans grew in size and age the prospects and opportunities of their little town seemed underwhelming. Upon reaching the the age of sixteen Hans left home to join The Glorious Balforian Army.
Under the yeomans tutelage Hans learned how to use his large size and brawn in a more deadly manner. His skill at arms and winning personality earned him a position in the pike regiments as a double soldier, a specially armed fighter that worked in and around the pike lines.
With the healthy pay and the tax exemptions granted to the pike regiments Hans thought he had found his way in life. He knew whom he was and he knew what he could do. That all changed one fateful day.
His unit of pike men were sent in on a mission under the command of a mercenary captain, ostensibly to remove a notorious villain from Zegrasta, unfortunately for all involved in the mission, the target turned out to be not a bandit lord and his gang but a large contingency of the Zegrastan Army.
The battle was short, the mercenary captain and her coterie were subdued and arrested, for many of the defeated this was the end of their story, for Hans Kriegfaust it was the beginning of his story. For when the skirmished turned against the Balforians, Hans was wounded as a javelin struck his helm tearing it clear off his head and leaving him bleeding and unconscious.
While Hans lay prone amongst the bodies of his unit there was no true rest. Horrible and violent dreams cascaded before his minds eye. Terrible visions of hulking behemoths, shattered lands, mind shattering violence, and horrid monsters. The land breaking apart and shadows of greater darker things. The whole while a booming chanting of a guttural language he knew not, as the dream became more violent and terrible the chanting became clearer “The darkness comes and the Land roars in reply! Battle is joined! War is upon us!” The chant repeated and grew deafening as the shadows grew more terrifying and it seemed that this nightmare seemed never ending. And as Hans began to loose hope thinking that this was the hell he had reached, he woke.
The thatched ceiling of a cottage was not what Hans expected. As it turns out one of the villagers who has been “given” burial detail had found him amongst the corpses and taken pity on him, dragging him back to their cottage and treated his head wound. As Hans tried to thank his rescuer he found the words did not come out quite right. That peculiar language seemed to replace everything he was trying to say, the villager perplexed advised he find and an academy physician. And so Hans bid an unintelligible goodbye to his savior and set forth north to his homeland to find remedy to his peculiar situation. The Road home turned out to be a long and frustrating journey as peace between Zegrasta and Balforia broke down as product of his unfortunate mission, the effort compounded by his inability to communicate with anyone.
After months on the road Hans finally reached a military hospital of the Balforian army. The succor he thought he had reached soon was pulled out from him as the doctors and priests deemed him unable to serve and was granted a discharge on the grounds of mental instability. Given a paltry severance and leave he continued on his way to try to find answers.
As he bedded down alongside the roads visions came again to him revealing not just nightmares but showing him mystical rights and divine secrets, as he slept he learned how to use the power he dreamed of to influence the world around him. And when he woke he found that the power from his dreams carried through to his waking world.
For years Hans traveled alone learning what his dreams would teach him and as he mastered the skills and as the mysteries unfolded he began to speak again in his native tongue. To get by he traded his skills as both warrior and healer as he needed and was needed. Avoiding the war but doing what he could to aid the common folk, a way he felt he could repay the peasant whom so long ago had saved him.
One evening the dreams came again making it clear in no uncertain terms that something was coming and he must make his way to the Styrwood of Zegrasta. There he must be, for the need was great. The Darkness comes and the land roars its reply! Battle is joined! War is upon us! And may to gods of all pity us, who must endure it!
-—— -—————- -—————-
Upon reaching the heart of the Styrwood Han’s and a couple companions witnessed the miraculous birth of the plant child dubbed “Flora” and though this child has great stores of intuitive knowledge and access to great powers, she exhibited a naivety and childlike lack of fear. Hans understood then where his part in this puzzle was, this child required someone to look out for her, she had a great part to play and the world lay in the balance.

Hans Kriegfaust

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