Chronicles of Sachrum

What a twist

in which sproket acts like josh, wade gets fey drunk and we get our first subjects

The group having defeated the corrupt ooloi gather the fallen midrans and the frightened scribe Clara Anthony and brought them back to their embassy as we got back to our castle the Kol fraisian delegates were beside themselves with rage and self import.
“all matters that involve the ooloi are the Kolfraisian business!!!” when the group was not cowed by their bullying tactics the, they were given an ultimatum of back down or GTFO the lightseeker of the pair decided to burn their embassy papers and GTFO
Next we had our meeting with the Zegrastan who want to be chill and friends and the like
they assure us that they have our backs if we go to blows with the kol fraisians
We met the Balforians who immediately want to build a church we said they could build a church when the people want one and no they could not make their embassy a grand cathedral and tear down the woods to build their city, they were offput but not hostile
We received Ms. Clara Anthony again having been given the boot by the Midran establishment and so we gave her employment as our coucil sectretary
It was then that we received the petition from Valmordsen, the former high technopath offered at first to buy our island the ooloi when we were first hesitant to sell land to a renowned mad genius but he threw the group a curve ball by requesting asylum we negotiated terms and he gave us a price of sixty two build points worth of astral diamonds and platiinum and an agreement to benefit us with his research and technologies, this all went slightly sideways when it turned out that sprocket picked up a bullet that had passed threw the gods damned corrupt ooloi it had tainted and burrowed into his body setting the seed of a corrupt possesion
The beast attempted to seize control of of our diminutive companion in a panic Molly attempted to knock Sproket out, which was exactly the worse thing she could have done and had it not been for the quick work of Valmordsen we would have had a full blown repeat of the fight, at the expense of sproket!
With the Gnome secured and contained until the specific episode passed we then immidiatly were payed a visit from the Gelvon councilors, we braced for what we assumed would be another shit storm of anger after taking in their former high technopath and wanted criminal, but they actually surprised us as well (not too wonderful being surprised so much) The tecnocracy of gelvon and specifically their Current High Technomancer Zora’Karokus wanted to arrange to share information and the innovative products of our newest citizen we agreed to be forthcoming with some info and share what we could. Karokus final message is that we have no idea how powerful and intelligent a being we have admitted to our kingdom
Then next day or so we received another visit a Koldbold drake ride was sent as messenger from the silver lady, the message had the gist of, we are acknowledging your existence but are currently occupied by a giant fucking monstrosity stomping about their lands they will get to us when they have time (the silver lady has been dubbed Lady Dragon McGive-a-Fuck)
Similarly timed Wade and Mastersmith find their way to our little kingdom we get wade into the council and Mastersmith does what mastersmith does

And in the month that followed we finally received the summons to meet with the “king of the forest” so we embarked into the woods to find a courtly seting amounst their sacred groves and there we me the king of the forest this leafy green man whom in no way was the Satyr Trebleclef working a marionette cleverly constructed of twigs and foliage.
Through much bullshittery shenanigans and dwarven spirits we came to a peaceful accord with the fey drank to much and were sent on our way. Sproket had been dubbed Duke Westree. Flora though while communing with the trees was reminded of the heavy task before us we needed to get everything settled in Sturm and continue on our way to the next root knot.


Mastersmith_1072 Lord_Admiral_Tradewind

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