Chronicles of Sachrum

Velkommen Til Jotonheimn

where in we meet the most METAL MutterFikker in the North

The brave group of adventures finished the administrative requirements to keep Sturm growing and then functioning. Expecting the worst of weather from Jotunheimn (the agreed upon next destination) they took a quick portal hop to Tel’Vin’daron to pick up cold weather gear and camping equipment. With that finished they made their way back to the castle getting the finishing touches

inside one of the slightly used bags we found a small stone round and covered in runes that are a Voßergrim runes it has a subtle almost fluctuating unrefined primal sort of a way Hans said fuck it for now.

Recently Hans has been plagued by a terrible nightmares of a terrible dark force from underneath the ground a malignant pressure hungering and glaring, a void he could not help but stare into and it stared back

We made our way back to great father tree where toddles and Flora sing the gate open giving way to the ways. And we venture forth into the root ways. With no light source the ways are lit for at least a hundred feet with flora as our guide we travel the intersections of the roots making an organic pathway to our intended destination. After about 4 days of travel we find a tunnel that leads us to a door.

As the tree singers open the gate we are immediately assaulted but a sledgehammer of furious cold and we look onto a solid wall of snow, Flora surprises us all by breathing a huge cone of flames of flames we tunnel ourselves out and set up camp in the tunnel for the night.

As dawn breaks we see a beautiful snow covered fjords Ravens flying overhead sprocket parlays with the ravens to find where the people are, in morbid riddles they told us of the people up the mountain and people down the mountain, when offered a gold coin each the ravens offered that the ones down the slope are less….. hungry, whelp downhill we go!

Traveling downhill to the north east we made our way to a clearing where in recent weeks violence has cleared the woods away, and by putting our heads together we think one man might have fought some terrible large beast. It showed an epic battle where lots of the monsters blood was shed but next to know from the brave warrior.
Hastus realized that this must be some kind of Lynorm retelling the knowledge of the primordial nightmare beast “Well Fikt meine Arse” Hans blurted much to the surprise of a scandalized of Flora

Due to Xabiens tracking Expertise we found the linorms near trackless path away and the human staggering a different direction in addition to what we thought was a lake bed is actually a spewed and cooled pile of magma

we follow the trail for a day or so showing signs of stumbling and (the game was then derailed because mark said “look up Krogan Porn” and amber doesn’t know facetious comments from a hole in the ground) “truth “ quoth the disembodied voice of the GM. Another two days of following trails the stagger slowly growing more disheveled by the second day the animals start making sound

Finally we reach a glacial river runoff the trail starts to follow the river and we rapidly see signs of civilization and finally see a palisade township nuzzled against the river

As we approach horns sound from the town and a warning arrow landed right before us, we halted and waited for village to react to our presence

Six cavalrymen ride out towards the group clad in mail appearing to be tall long dwarves in look with magic intervention we communicate that we followed their warriors trail and that we made sure that the trail we followed cannot be followed we seek knowledge. The North men fear Skeldi Brokenhome The Lynorm King forbade them magic and they fear we will bring them trouble. Never the less we were led to their lore keeper and what appears to be their Thane or Yarl

We were welcomed to Javatote by Bjornagar Rasbuson and Yarl Belfar Gorson

the Warriors Name is Tarfin Arnson he is bed ridden with the a deathly poison we offer to assist to try to help Tarfin

Bjornargar told us of how Skeldi made some fell pact to gain the fire-crown to give him power over the Lynorm, how he takes all with the gift of magic and hunts them with his beasts

Reaching Tarfin Arnson the man is a huge monster of a man wasting from what appears to be almost a magic poison the cracks glowing with hate and the smell of burning flesh

When we try to diagnose him we find that its a terrible Lynorm Venom and though the Focused magic of Toddles and Hans Channeled through Flora we manage to Pull the poison out of the Enormous warrior

We shared an Ale with Bjornagar and Tarfin and we told them of our plan to go North east Tarfin warned us that our magic will surely bring the minions of Skeldi upon us with his dragon-kin thralls and Voßergrim allies, “Then it’s best we leave the village “ molly pipes up “so that when they come for us no one here will be harmed” the selflessness of miss palms comment touch the titanic warrior
“If you travel to the mountain then I will travel with you”


Mastersmith_1072 Lord_Admiral_Tradewind

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