Chronicles of Sachrum

The Lords of Joutenheim

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Where we last left our entrepid adventurers, our heroes had saved Tarfin Arnson from the Lynorm venom and gained a buddy whom wants to murder murder murder Skeldi Brokenhome and free the people of this tyranny , which happens to walk hand in hand with getting to the woodknot

The people of Yavatoes welcome us to resupply and prepare for the journey to “the high seat” sproket is rapidly becoming popular as the ladies dressing him, while Molly Palms stews in jealously at the female attention

Hans Talked to Bjronagar about the runestone and it apparently is so damn old he cant read it, Claims that these old rune stones are based of the primordial runes and the earliest of gods used to to shape existense the conversation flowed towards Tarfin and Bjornagar told Hans of how that Tarfin fell seemingly from the sky with no memory from before and has lived there

it was on into the night that we realize that Xabien and molly disapeared right as the blizzard strikes Arnson and the rest of the crew go search for our finally find Molly on the verge becoming a Palmsicle but we concluded that Xabien we would not have to fear in the storm

Bjornagar has shared great deals of stories of the Waßer and Waßergrimn and how when the people split the Lynorm king Jörmungund, we found out Flora is immune to the effects of alchohal
and after stories and drinking we came to the next morning we prepared to leave Xabien Snow-hare returns to us intime to leave

we treck through this permafrost wonderland

Xabien Expertly finds us a good campground. and at second watch the pair of ravens return Molly wakes sprocket and they converse “we’ve brought news news of new things” “two shiney things we have seen them two above and then to the nest, the other things are the things have come what things? The things of darkness and shadow given form they come to eat your dreams” with that molly and sproket rush to wake folk

we awake to the panic of our friends the interruption of large wing sounds

A trio of ghastly black creatures guant and twisted limbs faceless and horrid is visage the flew down and seized three of the group Sprocket was locked in a terrible struggle several of the group attempting to help him, xabien is seized and broiught to the air and Hans is tackled and struggles with the monster

The creaures take this to a bad touch level by their tail reaching out and seemingly tickleing the grappled adventurers, Xabien looseing compusure is whisked away to the night. Sprocket fights off the creepy goosing and continues to fight off the creature. Hans Wanting none of this tom fooler pulls himself and the dark being into the campfire.

It thrashed in Hans hands and lifted them both into the air a singed hans still in his paws Wtih a roar of rage and anger shouting in a language that hurt the parties ears Hans grabs the monster by its wings and drives it down the forty feet straight back down into the fire! The party dispatches the two and as Tarfin explains they are night guants and they feed on dreams and emotions

The group chases into the direction Xabien was carried off

To find Xabien had finally freed himself from the gaunt to be on a cliff above a terrible and monsterous creature a being of many eyes massive claws we battle as much as we can even Arnson cannot truly trump it until from the gaunt nest xabien throws a pair of heavy metal guantlets marked with dwarven runes of power as they are past to Arnson He punches the monster with them driving it back into its undercroft squeeling

the group runs away and gets some rest back at camp The raven’s return and Flora talks to them in exchange for an offering of gold coins they tell us of an object of power that is hidden in a stone in the Vaßergrimn village, the stone can only be broken by the Lynorm king, but its contents will spell the kings doom then they fly away

groundthe next day we make our way past a big ass crater and then follow tracks to what we believe is a Waßergrimn villiage

/we spy what appears to be the Waßergrimn chief a big burly asshole wearing a large belt that Arnson tinks looks familiar he sits in a rough stone chair in the middle of the village

And the so the group after arguing for 45 minutes about how to infiltrate the village and finally just walk on down with the runestone
they send a greeting party of 5 berserkers
a rocket from sprocket sent four into the pocket the other came to the end of a fist from Arnson

We challenged the Cheif Snorri to a duel of toughness a poison endurance to the death we had tried to have flora do it so to assure our victory but their Rune priestess called our Bullshit so Hans volunteered to duel the chief we used giant wasp venom and wyvern poison and while the duelists slowly killed themselves inches at a time they finally came to a standstill. Hans bleed a reflective black ichor Snorri weezing what was almost a death rattle, the rune crone brought fourth a deadly black poison for the tie breaker and hans and Snorri grasped hands over the poison knowing it would lead to their deaths, the poison coursed through their veins bringing first numb paralysis and then burning terrible pain and finally Snorri of the Vaßergrimn collapsed dead Hans still gripping his opponents frozen in paralyzed pain

And as the Group and the tribe watched on in silence the tension was shattered by a deafening roar The black and scarred length of the terrible leviathan Jörmangunder King of Lynorms the tribe fled before it’s awful visage on a throne nestled between the back spines sat whom we could only guess was Skeldi Brockenhome Wearing a Horrible crown all horrorific spires and a mask of jagged toothy jaws

In a raspy voice that rang true to all our minds “ Who enters my Kingdom” “I am Tarfin Arnson and these are my compatriots” stated Tarfin as he strapped snorri’s belt on him fitting it as if he had done it a million times before
“My Lord!” Jumped in molly, sweat of nerves obvious on her brow “we came to gift you with knowledge, in the throne there we hear there is a great treasure stored, one that only the power you command may open!”
Though we could not see his face we could feel the vile malice of the Kinslayer from atop his mount, and with a sharp his of an inhuman tongue Skeldi commanded Jörmandgunder to shatter the stone

Tarfin looked to the paralyzed balforian and then to the rest of the rag tag adventurers with him “Take him and run…. NOW” taking the hero at his word they started to flee the scene.

“And now, Arnson, you shall watch your friends die before I destroy you myself!” the rasp of the tyrant still echoing inside the skulls of all near.

But before Skeldi could order his fell beast to strike the claw that had crushed the stone throne buckled and the was pushed away by a blinding white force and as the King of Lynorms raised his hand a glowing hammer shot from the brocken stone and into Tarfin Arnson’s fist

The Adventurers paused in their expeditious retreat and were once again blinded by thick beams of lightning raining down on their steadfast new friend, not even the thickest of smoked lenses could keep contact to the brilliant light and as it finally faded they say the man they had fought alongside was changed His armor more replendant and brighter than before his black hair a ruddy gold bound back in braids a full beard

“I remember” The titan mumbled “and now,” his voice growing in confidence, “it is time for YOU to rember!” and with a roar he hurled his hammer at the Tyrant Brockenhome, not just throwing him from the back of the dread serpent but throwing him many yards back and through a building.

Jörmungunder Roared and thrashed as the compulsion over him subsided and he began to thrash and tear through the village and as Skeldi emerged from the building ruin he to had changed a slender dark hair figure eyes dark and full of venom and so the god brothers Thor and Loki Enmtered into battle as the group of adventurers fled.

The exhausted party had not gone far before they met another figure and one they quickly recognised. Tom Rosethorn the old man from Zegrasta but he too had changed an eyepatch and broad brimmed had now adorned his patrician features and to Ravens sat by his side

Tom was glad to see us for we brought him something the old Runestone a treasure of his and for bringing him the stone and reawakening his Sons he gave Each a boon he brought the group to the rootball and sent them on their way back to Sturm with gifts

Flora inside the rootball had aged and matured the group unsure what this may hold for the future, but now they have returned home for a much needed rest


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