Chronicles of Sachrum

The Dark Below

What sleeping evil gives us a break from tedium

It was night nigh past midnight when we met with the rontilian representatives he had what could have been our most successful meeting and were looking forward to getting some shut eye

our great ent friend toddles was anxiously looking northward, once we reached the windows of the tower we shaw a spire of light gathering upon the lakes lonely island.

We used our swam boat token to sail our way to the island the light still pulsing.

“they are disturbing the trees!” wailed a distraught Flora as she tried to coax the magical ship faster

once we reached the shore of the island (ben through a plot card in and mark was derailed for five minutes) (kat cardstormed) we could tell that the light was not the a spell cast to produce light but simply an effect of such massive power

Flora panics as the trees convey the pain and fear they feel and the group charges into the light “something is waking up” yowels flora in paniced dissary

we reach a stone tower looking contemporary to our castle but the foundation seems a different stone and product of a different era a creamy white stone a wide base of more solid stone, the light issueing from the top of the tower with violent effect

two charred cadavers of midran body guards and a beaten form further away, the midran scribe huddled towards the edge of the clearing wounded and afraid

“we came for an old relic cash we had left, we had forgotten the phase that would satiat the guardian” she mumbled “our lord was in there, there was a form, thing, i saw it only briefly” she ends with a shutter

“oh god these are build on an Ooloi building” Hathos gasped “they were a progentior race a four armed speicies of emence power said to have gifted many races with eldritch power and tools of culture” disbeleif of what he was seeing edged with dread

the light dimed to an ambient glow reveiling a tall staue standing in the single room. An ancient rusted iron golem damaged but on guard. Standing sentinel despite the years a hole visible near the hulking servitor

Hans charged the hulikg rust but the sword was rebuffed but the armored nature of the golem
Sproket fired a volley of shots furrowing the metal skin
Xabiens arrows glance of the iron shell with no effect
Hastus unleashes his furious with but was unable to find purchase
Molly attempted to foul the golems gears but failed
the Iron servitor reared back its massive fist and brings down a powerful blow on Hans
Toddles strode forward to assist in the melee
and flora brought her healing to strengthen the wounded hans
Hot peppered fire shoots forth from sprokets pistol
and Xabien bow misfired and knocks him back
Hastus marshals his meagerhealing and brings hans to full strength
The iron Hulk swings at toddles but is rebuffed with twin strikes from the wrath of nature
Hans takes advantage of the impack to rend a keen slice in the golem as molly comprimises its stance by flanking and smashes the aged guardian in an exposed
in desperate attempt to retain its duty and lashes a last time at Hans before Toddles ENDs it with a furious blow that takes the head clean off the Golem its duty finally at an end
The of the undead lord of midras echos from the hole below Hastus throws the light of day down the hole piercing the darkness spell below

the room made of ooloi stone set into one wall a wide stone pillar roughly 12 feet tall with an opeing akin to a door the walls covered with ooloi glyphs towards the center a creature of dark spindly limbs hold the wraithlord of midras gripped in its four arms and looks as though it is pulling words froms from the undead form

it turns its hideous head towards us rearing a feral snarl which goes to far back and a mawl of far too many teeth flinching from the light furious at the interruption

Sprocket fires a volley at the aboniation
Whipping a point in the room Hastus swings down to the lower room giving his companions a route down
Flora begins calling the forces of nature to her aid and the screeching of simians can be heard in the distance, toddles jumps down to liberate the dignitary from but if stopped by the creature
Xabien Fires a brilliant shot slicing what we could only hope is the hamstring of the foul being
“cant tell which end is which but we could hear a snap” Molly Quips and hurls her trusty brick but failed to strike it
Hans swings down and with a roar wreaths his blade in flames
the monster charges after hans but is struck mightily by toddles and winds the black skinns monstrosity with a shouted blighted word it rends the dead king in its hands and casts a unhallowed word of pain and spite wracking the group with pain and sickness
Sproket whom seemed less effected fired a brace of shots into the much closer creature
Hathos fights the pain of and heals the burns that the fowl words wrought and the howls of creatures and from out of the woods and pouring down the the hole a swarm of mad monkey pile onto the hideous monster
toddles walked forward a slams the creature again and hans drives a burning sword into it
It screams the word “THERIZDUN” and bites hans and lashes at the group with all its arms rending Flora in a terrible manner
the consistant twin barks of Sprokets gun continuing their grim purpose
With a bravos shout Hastus charges forward shruggin a blow from the creature and plunges his sword hilt deep in the beast and it crumples as if drieing and withering before gurgling unknowable words and imploads leaving but an echo of of its malign energy
after putting themselves together they survey the damage and treasures left in the midran cache


Mastersmith_1072 Lord_Admiral_Tradewind

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