Chronicles of Sachrum

The crusaders of Sachrum and the island of the Hyena-men

Where in we fight big Gnolls, Little Gnolls, Grassy Gnoll, and Gassy Gnoll

Where we last left our intrepid adventurers we found our stalwart champions liberating the magic weather controlling drum from the old Al’Kamuti golemns and escaped to our jollyboat only to find we could not control the drum therefore the weather and were suddenly being faced with being in the middle of the storming sea in a gods forsaken landing craft!

Without the proverbial paddle we panick and attempt to control our bearings Sprocket fired off a flair just as we hear a terrible rumbling and the flair hits a sudden cave and a forceful torrent of water as it appears we are being swallowed by some gargantuan fucking thing

Flora and Xabien see a glimpse of a dark tainted wood knot lit by the luminescence of the creatures in workings before all of us blacked out to drowning

We awoke surprised in a clearing of a jungle not far from the ocean we see in the distance a great mountain with a plume of smoke, a slight level of grabass later we start making our way to fire plume and when we take a break for food we are AMBUSHED by a group of gnolls!!!!

cue battle music

The beasts fail to take true advantage of their ambush and our rugged crusaders take offense at their poor decision making skills, but a moment later the beasts culled we investigated their attacks and found them but poorly equipped savages

a good headscratch later we intend to track down the plume of smoke

a good footslog down the way xabien finds a nasty little pit trap and saves the group a hefty bit of greif if folk walked into it, molly picking out the trip wire leading through the trees to a huge log set to knock the unwary into the eight foot spears in the bottom of the pit

not too terribly far down we are ambushed again, this time with archers for support
despite the cunning savages wiles they lacked the gusto to defeat our stalwart heroes though in the shadows another gnoll watches not attacking but keeping vigilant

after wooping up on the gnoll ambush we speak to the watcher whom identified itself as a Flind not a gnoll and that “she” brought them there “Kul”
she talks to plants and does evil things

our buddy is named Gan he seems sort of skeezy wants us to kill Kul and those who follow Kul, we figured that Kul would keep sending ambush parties after us unless we end her

we discussed wether we were on fact onn the great beast and the island is its skin the thought oif this disturbs Gan greatly since Kul boasts the exact thought only she claims to control it

we finally reach the village and Gan went to gather his allies as we prepare to attack

Han’s augury says trusting Gan leads to fortune and ill and so we set for the Raid

As the Fray starts and battle is joined Kul and her humongous enforcers arrive on the Scene Kull using her profane nature magic to turn the very elements against us

The Slavering enforcers of the vile druid gnoll obviously twisted with dark energies muscles bulging in almost unnatural ways were a terrible toll and regrettably wiped out the Flin the tides looked ill for an adventures when flora pulled her hidden trump

Growing another four or five feat and taking a dread aspect of a Celestial Tree Ent Like an Aspect of Natures wrath she shrugged of fierce blows and lightening strikes striking down with her spear and felling the warped beast men

Seeing how the battle was lost to her thugs and minions Kul yipped in terror and fled back into her cavern at the base of the mountain, and as the group started to give chase the island began to quake


Mastersmith_1072 Lord_Admiral_Tradewind

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