Chronicles of Sachrum

Shit was done

in which we actually manage do stuff in Sturm

As the group returned to Sturm roughly two weeks later and began setting to work with the nuts and bolts of building sturm, claiming the hex with the mine and establishing the road and the Sturmgelt mine, and after building the first settlement of the city we then set to discuss the location in which we would visit next stuck between Kolfrasia the Stormlands and The Giant Kingdoms,
after advising from our senior advisers Mastersmith and Skelder we decided to adventure fourth from Korvone to the stormlands we go to the Elvin city of Fal’Lature to get a ship to take us to the stormlands this time bringing a Kir’vanathi Teloportation egg with us to try to establish a foothold in this unknown country

The travel thgrough the ways to Korvone seems altered or younger than they should be weird the roots look cracked as if it had sufferred a long summer, it makes it slightly difficult to traverse, the roots are confused as if woken from a long deep slumber

As we stop at a fork of roots sprocket walks off on a lark, and we loose him as, as he continues on he sees disturbances in the mist and now then as he sent out his lights something slowly stole the lights
just as his last light winked out the group caught up with him and finally together we finally reach portal to Fal’Lature


Mastersmith_1072 Lord_Admiral_Tradewind

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