Chronicles of Sachrum

High Seas Shennanigans

Where in we find the sea and Molly makes a "special" friend

Where we last left our entrepid murder hobos we had exited the ways into the forests of Kor’van the leaves clashing gold and scarlet of autumn aomngst the ancient old growth trees, saddly the seems no signs of civilization, so we still had travel before we could reach the city of Fal’la’ture
Xabien scouted out to try to find bearngs and found some light shallow tracks leading to the west
as we trtaveled the tracks Xabien found a better trail large wolves trail as in what the elves of Kor’van road the travel seems to be calm and beautiful (though it seems to have an adverse effect on our Feldian compatriots) Molly palms and sproket took some water from the fresh spring after rambling about pure water sales, as we continue on the path we start to follow the sounds of a sorrowful song , the closer we draw to the song we begin to note that there are rangers running deftly along the trees
we finally reach a gate and out silent entourage finally showed the pressence after some failed attempts at communcation additional people from beyond the gate approach an Eladrin flanked by elves of similar garb and armed the Eladrin using magic talked to the group and after introductions warned that taking the Arborling to the stormland would be indeed more dangerous the storm has expanded we can travel on and find the shipwrights and foolhardy children, we continue to following song north winding the next day we follow the obvious trail down the slope and finally to the coastal town
we made our way into the town the harbor has a trio of two mast ships two obviously new but haven’t moved hardly at all the other looking as if it had seem some shit
as we neer the harbor side tavern he overhear an argument and suddenly a mug crashes to the ground outside the tavern as we approach and are greated by a dwarf
The dwarf grumps at us in an incomprehensible language scoffing at molly
surprisingly enough Hastus began converse, feeling rebuffed molly decided to make an impression seized a chair and bashed the dwarves gourd, after shaking off the massive blow the dwarf seized molly and gave her a big deep kiss, molly sealing the deal by stealing the dwarfs belt clear off his pants, This of course led to formal introduction to Daggit Riverock 1st mate of the Fortune’s Flight, and we entered into negotiations with the Captain Kellendrez Lastleaf and after negotiating a hefty fee of roughly 1000 gold 40% up front and the rest at delivery.
We finally board the Fortune’s Flight and its not a pretty sight to see its been dubbed the Seen some shit! Ship and began to make our way towards the week long voyage to the Storm Lands.
Within two days of sailing the waves set in some were better than others
Kellendrez brought us into the cabin wanting to make a deal trading to mitigate our fair in exchange to retrieving the Dull Drums a magical item said to be able to control the very weather itself
we agree to help him
A night of sailing brought us to the area where we believed the drum is and once we hit the calm he hit the jolly boat and start rowing towards the slow beat of the drum
we run into a veritable flotilla of shipwrecks a menagerie of derelect vessels and many appearing to have been dreadged up from the bottom of the sea itself! As we continue a slow progress to the center of the flotilla we find a barge set with animal headed statues and in the center of the barge a large drum with a hammer magically floating over the top slowly drumming it, Hastus and flora approach the barge and the The four stone guardians attack
a Furious battle ensues but molly despite the heavy blows landed on her she managed to purloin the
as it appears the statues were pressing the advantage and the calm of the weather breaking because the drum had been disturbed the group pealed off from the combat and as the Golemns took command of the vessel Sprocket took one last vindictive shot lighting the wooden barge on fire
We raced back to the row boat just as the storm broke out over the sea again


Mastersmith_1072 Lord_Admiral_Tradewind

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